Best Fairground Ride Ever

Just a quick one. I’m in Sardinia with Mrs A and the bairns and we happened upon a fairground in Villasimius. It features this fantastic ride which I’ve never seen before.

I’ve probably never seen it before because I live in Health and Safety obsessed Britain.

It looks like your standard ride, right? Get in the seat, spin around and have a laugh, right?


Next to it is hanging a rubber chicken…

The idea is that you go on the ride in pairs, and your partner tries to shove you high enough for you to lean out of your chair and grab the chicken. There is a real knack to it that Mrs A and I were unable to master in our one attempt. This guy and his mate did a lot better.

I just had to share it with you. Let me know if you’ve seen anything like it. Have I just lived a very sheltered life?



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