The Ardenna Crossing – Coming this December!

Hi everyone,

It’s nearly four years now since I finished the first draft of The Ardenna Crossing: Between Two Worlds. Back then, it was just called The Crossing. I’ve tinkered with it and changed it; checked and double checked and now I’m all out of excuses. It’s time I shared it with all of you.

So, I’m here to let you know that you will get the chance to read the beginning of Paul Armstrong’s adventure very soon. For those of you who were in Panther Class back then and were reading it as I was writing it, you’ll get to find out who made it to the end of the story and what shape they were in. I don’t think you guys even got to the bit where they left the ground. There’s a lot to come.

For those of you who are new and have no idea what this story is, it’s Battlestar Galactica meets Lord of the Flies. It’s the story I’ve always wanted to tell.

I’ve got all the details to sort out and a timescale in mind, but I’m aiming for a release date of about the 18th December; that’s just in time for Christmas. It will be available on Kindle and in print from Amazon for starters and I can’t wait for people to see it. I can’t wait to know what you think and I can’t wait to get back to writing Part 2, A Thousand White Fragments.

Thanks for reading and for your belief in me. The adventure starts this Christmas.




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