Kaleidoscope- a song


Hi everyone,

I wrote my first ever song. Just the lyrics as I don’t play an instrument and can’t read or write music. This idea just kind of came to me during a visit to Hobbledown with the kids and I finished it in an evening. I’m not that happy with the bridge and I think that needs more work, as does the end maybe, but I’m happy with it overall. It’s called Kaleidoscope and it’s about someone who wastes his life watching films when he could be outside doing real stuff. Here’s the lyrics, and down the bottom is a link to a YouTube video of me singing it. Hope you like it. 


I grew up with the movies

Life went on behind the screen

And in those hours away I hid

Seein’ places I’d never seen


The darkest woods, the wildest seas

Stories that never grew old

But as I watched the hero win

I missed my heart stop cold


Colours in glass



And steal our hope


Now I’m grown up I live my life

Blind to what’s truth and what’s lie

Disconnected from all those

Who look on as my time rolls by


The mirror glass it changes though,

The young me is all that I see

But he gets sadder every year

Seein’ things that he’ll never be



Sunlight pours in my window

People knock on my door

Breakin’ through to my senses

That I learned how to ignore




I watched and laughed, I didn’t care

What’s given is easy to bear

Easier than straying off the page

To the life that you only dare.


Colours in glass


Living our lives

In search of hope




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