Monday Music 14 – 2018

I’ve had this stuck in my head since Saturday night so it had to this week’s Monday Music.  I had my first cinema experience of 2018 on Saturday night when I finally went to see Marvel’s Avengers –  Infinity War Part 1. What a film! I was blown away by the way they brought everyone together and made it a real spectacle. Everyone had plenty of screen time and no-one felt overlooked. There were some nice mixtures of characters who hadn’t met before which worked really well, the action pieces were brilliant and didn’t seem overlong or random as can be the case sometimes with films like this in their big epic showdowns.  I can understand some of the mixed reactions to the ending given what we know about scheduling but I thought it was brilliant throughout. I laughed a lot, was suitably thrilled and enjoyed a couple of great (felt like cheering) moments when Captain America and Thor made dramatic entrances at different points of the film.

The soundtrack helped, provided by the star of a Monday Music post from a couple of weeks ago, Alan Silvestri.  He’s created a really rousing theme for the Avengers films and here it is…

Some people feel like there are too many superhero films coming out at the minute and that the world is going to get sick of them. You have to admit, however, that there is a great creative arc behind the MCU films that has been brilliantly executed. I would love to be a child experiencing these heroes and their adventures; I get enough of a kick out of them as an adult. To bring together such a vast array of acting talent for a project like this is amazing and I for one am in awe of the achievement.

I know a lot of people are sick of them and that there will come a time when they stop. For now, I’m happy to enjoy the ride. Those pretentious people who turn their noses up at this kind of stuff are welcome to. As far as I’m concerned, sometimes I want to watch Henry Fonda convince a room full of jurors that someone might not be guilty, sometimes I want to watch Jack Nance try to eat moving, oil-spurting roast chickens and sometimes I want to watch Jurgen Prochnow in a submarine. At other times, I just want to see Chris Hemsworth wield a massive electrified hammer.


I think there’s something to be said for all of those things.

Cheers for reading and watching.

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