Monday Music 16 – 2018

Haven’t posted anything for an absolute age because of work but I thought I could get an easy win today by doing a quick Monday Music post. No, no it’s not Skinner and Baddiel, that would be too obvious. Having said that, I did get that off iTunes yesterday.

love song

No, today is about Annie Lennox.  I dug out some old CDs last week, to change up what I have in the car, and turned up an Essential Soundtracks album which had this on it.

I’d completely forgotten this song existed.  What a great love song. It brought back memories of my A Level Geography field trip to Swanage.  Annie Lennox has added quality to lots of soundtracks down the years. I thought of a couple more examples and decided to make a little post about it.

She won an Academy Award for this one, from Lord of the Rings

and this one really spiced up the otherwise forgettable X-Men: Apocalypse for a few minutes.

Here’s the scene if you haven’t seen it. I really enjoyed it – head and shoulders over the rest of the film.

Think that’s quite enough for now.  I’ll be back next week with more. There are two posts I’m working on at the minute that I hope to have done soon.

Cheers for reading and watching.

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