A Ditty for Donna

A little while ago, I did one of my #whatthehaiku videos about Donna Hayward. It turned into quite a long poem comprising seven different haiku poems. I felt like I wanted to develop it a little bit and turn it into something else. I first thought about doing another sonnet to go with the ones I did for Laura, Agent Cooper and BOB. Things went in a different direction, however, and I ended up with this instead. It’s just free verse but constructed with rhyming couplets all the way through.  The tone ended up a bit more flippant than I was aiming for but I’m quite happy with the end result.  I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


A Ditty for Donna

This is the story of Laura’s best friend

A woman in trouble who was fine in the end

She’s a lesson to all of us in the right attitude

And how we shouldn’t play around with our dead best friend’s dude


A bright girl, she’s guaranteed straight A’s

Advantage means she can choose future ways

A rich, full life all laid out for her until

Her friend becomes a monster’s chosen kill


That friend gone but not cold in the ground

Our Miss Hayward goes wayward, playing around

With her lost one’s lover, all brooding and untamed

Who may soon for the corpse’s appearance be blamed


Under cover of duty, she searches for answers

With blind loyalty and all the smarts that are hers

She rants at a grave and pursues a physician

Indulging her new boyfriend’s prowess as musician


That boy will desert her when things go south

After secrets are plucked from an agoraphobe’s mouth

When their confederate cousin is brutally slain

He’ll ride off and leave her alone and in pain


He’ll need her ere long to help him disentangle

Himself from scandal in which he’s left to dangle

A femme fatale has him grasped in her claws

Before Donna sweeps in and his freedom restores


Burning rubber, he leaves her once more

For a journey South to bask on a Mexican shore

No, no happy ending for Donna and James

Her dead best friend’s squeeze can’t stop playing games


No more bright future awaits Will’s eldest daughter

Just questions of parentage in the wake of that slaughter

She begins to suspect that she’s really a Horne

Such doubt as there is about how she was born.


So off to New York City she escapes to reboot

Where she becomes queen of the top photoshoot

Cut off from the old home town she abhors

Her fresh-faced beauty opens so many doors


The talk of the town, her name in every column

But no happiness for her, it’s all so solemn

Men come and go and assist in her climb

But with a fast life like this, it’s just a matter of time


Dependency stemming from all that past pain

Lands her in rehab again and again

Lastly with her mother’s untimely demise

A near-broken Donna emerges with clear eyes


Losing her wealth, she retreats from the limelight

And begins the process of making things right

Until at last, she seeks out her father: the ever-loving Will

And trains as a nurse; she’s there with him still.


This is the story of Laura’s best friend

A woman in trouble who was fine in the end

She’s a lesson to all of us in the right attitude

And how we shouldn’t play around with our dead best friend’s dude


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Thanks for reading


Photos courtesy of Bobby Stephenson et al via Unsplash

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