Merry Christmas Mr Jeffries – a haiku sequence

Hi everyone,

I couldn’t resist one more longer poem. I was thinking of poor Philip Jeffires and wanted to tell his story in a longer sequence of haikus. Here it is.  The title is an indulgence on my part but it seemed appropriate.

Merry Christmas Mr Jeffries

It’s lonely in here

Metal walls echo my voice

Returning no warmth

I’ll not be maudlin

Though my high-born line is through

For once I was King

My motion. In time

The paths I chose to wander

Brought me to this end

While Cooper walks free

Or whoever wears his face

I merely linger

Oh, I walked the path

Fought for justice in this world

After a fashion

I saw the dark side

Solved the unconventional cases

Those ones that stood out

My partner and I

Saw odd flowers come to bloom

Wonderful yet strange

But behind the glow

The beauty that lives always

Lay a rancid dark

A power so old

More ancient even than time

Strove to dout our light

I can’t speak of her

The female side of darkness

Nor utter her name

For seeking her out

Led to my situation

Present confinement

From Buenos Aires

I tracked her across the globe

Through fire and pain

Sat with her creatures

Above a convenience store

Soaked in their malice

Though I found a way

To visit with my colleagues

My faith was wasted

But I had all time

All it’s pathways to explore

Or so I surmised

But each jump costs much

A bill that came due for me

Without a warning

So to the Dutchman’s

I was brought and here confined

Myself a Blue Rose

Cheers for reading. You can check out the video version here, complete with my own risible southern accent.

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