No Daughter’s Embrace – a haiku sequence

I’m getting close to the end of my haiku project, with only one month of haikus left to go until I finish. That means that there might not be another longer sequence of this kind. I think I’ve done about eight of them over the course of the year.  This one, which is about the end of Leland Palmer, was not intended to be a long one. It just sort of grew into one as I kept feeling the need to add bits. Anyway, I hope you like it. I haven’t tackled this scene before; its some of the great Ray Wise’s best work, so I hope I’ve done it justice.

The players are set

Secret known only to two

Tragedy awaits

It is among them

Hiding in a warm body

But the game is up

Cast into a cell

The spirit’s rage is unbound

Done with it’s vessel

Smoke drifts upwards now

From Tremayne’s lit cigarette

Tickles the sensors

Brings the water

Conduit through which it flees

The thing that ruled him

Leaving a darkness

A dam burst of memories

Flooding inwards now

Memories of fear

A daughter’s terror of him

From which he can’t hide

It’s all he can take

So he rushes to his end

But the lodge awaits

No daughter’s embrace

No forgiveness or closure

Just the waiting room

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