The Battle of the Bob Bubble – a poem

Hi everyone,

OK, this is my last Twin Peaks poem (besides the daily haikus) for a while.  I had one more to get out of me but I’m aware that I’ve been filling news feeds with this stuff and I should probably stop for a time before I outstay my welcome.

This last form I wanted to try out is an Irish verse style called Ae Freislighe (ay fresh-lee)

It’s highly regimented and has a complex arrangement of syllables and rhymes. An Ae Freislighe poem has stanzas of four lines each. The first and third lines of each stanza end with a rhyme at the end of a three-syllable word.  Lines two and four end with a rhyme on a two-syllable word. The first and last sounds of each stanza should be the same.   Some also recommend the use of alliteration in each line and there was one website which said that the three last sounds of lines 1 and 3 should rhyme. the examples they gave, however, did not follow this pattern so neither have I.  I have followed the structure as set out except with the last stanza because I had a one syllable word as part of a line which I thought fit perfectly.  They always say that you should never sacrifice a good word for the sake of a rhyme, so I haven’t.  I also kept the rhyme scheme the same all the way through the poem using the sound -ate and -ile.  This was a real challenge and I hope you enjoy the result.

bob bubble

The Battle of the Bob Bubble

I’ll tell tales that resonate,

Of a spirit most hostile.

From truth, I’ll not deviate,

Lest events I then defile.

I’ll be brief to illustrate,

How this evil so mobile,

Did the Sherriff’s infiltrate,

And try therein to beguile.

I’ll speak forth, not hesitate,

Though I be labelled servile,

Of how good did congregate,

And defeat this foe meanwhile.

I’ll say they did celebrate,

And relax their fears awhile,

Just to see it elevate,

As a fearsome round missile.

I’ll sing of the candidate,

Brought forth from a sceptred isle

Whose gloved hand did devastate

The ancient enemy vile.


Thanks very much for reading.  You can check out my other Peaks-inspired poetry here, along with my fanfiction story, I’ll See You in the Trees.

All the best,


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