Poetry Win! Twin Peaks haiku project

Hi everyone,

I’ve shared this news already with some, but I thought I would put out a wider post about the fantastic news I had a couple of weeks ago.  As you have no doubt seen, I’ve gone poetry crazy this year, with daily haikus and longer pieces on the website, all to do with my favourite television show, Twin Peaks.

I submitted a few of these poems to the art gallery section of the Twin Peaks UK Festival and am so proud to announce that two of them were selected for inclusion.  My sonnets about Agent Cooper which you can find here and my haiku sequence called Life’s Intersection, all about that horrifying scene in episode 6 of The Return, which you can find that here.

I am so honoured to have not just one but two of my poems chosen and I can’t wait for the weekend to see them on display in Camden.  There will be a few copies for sale too if anyone’s there and wants to pick one up.

I’m so looking forward to this weekend. The Twin Peaks UK Festival is so brilliantly managed, packed with fun activities and there are so many people I’ve spoken to over the past twelve months online that I can’t wait to meet in person.

I’m going to be recording a couple of extra haiku videos over the course of the two days and I’m opening it up to anyone else at the Festival who wants to contribute.  If you have a Twin Peaks haiku that you want to share, come and find me at the Festival, we can record it and then I’ll put it all up as a compilation.  There’s a picture of me at the top if you don’t know what I look like. I’m the one looking starstruck next to the legend that is Michael Horse.


Thanks for reading everyone,





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