Palindrome for Dark Woods – a poem

Had some time on my hands this afternoon and put together this quick palindrome about the darkness in old woods.

Hope you like it.

Palindrome for Dark Woods

We as complicated creatures perceive,

Darkness and vile things,

Among trees vast, tall.

Black and hungry fire burns,

Hot and diseased,

Wings spread across,

Branches and leaves,

Nothing but,


But nothing leaves,

And branches,

Across spread wings,

Diseased and hot,

Burn fire, hungry and black,

Tall, vast trees among,

Things vile and Darkness,

Perceive creatures complicated as we.

Thanks very much for reading.  You can check out my other Peaks-inspired poetry here, along with my fanfiction story, I’ll See You in the Trees.

All the best,


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Image credits to John Silliman and Bradley Davis via Unsplash

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