The Pulaski Girl – a haiku sequence

I did a haiku the other day about Ronette walking over the bridge. I wanted to develop it a bit as her character doesn’t get much attention despite the trauma she endures.

So, here’s what I came up with.

You can see the video version here

The Pulaski Girl

Battered and broken

Left to wander in darkness

Twine around your wrists

Deep impressions made

Lines cut of encircling pain

Angry purple scars

Beneath your torn clothes

A shivering frame walks on

Dried blood clings and pulls

You’re not the prom queen

You’ve no worthy sacrifice

Nor a martyrdom

Just cast to one side

On feet cut by forest floor

To find a way home

He didn’t want you

You’re just along for the ride

A sick afterthought

What it is to be

Swept up in catastrophe

And then abandoned

Once you were new girl

Now a monster used you up

Only sleep will heal

But scars will live on

Ones outside and those within

That senses bring forth

Because you’re alive

The town won’t know your name

You’re not their Laura

Another victim

Not worth even a first name

Just the Pulaski girl

Float in the abyss

our American woman

Wait for an ending

I hope you liked it. It’s a little unfair as I think it’s only Albert who refers to her as the Pulaski girl. She does get attention from people. It just seems to me that she is overshadowed by the general outpouring over Laura’s murder. I wonder how Ronette’s story went, and how she wound up in that other place in The Return

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