Queen of Hearts – New Trailer

So, a new trailer has just dropped for Cameron’s Twin Peaks Fan film project, Queen of Hearts, in the last couple of days.

Here’s the link:

The trailer takes us on a tour of Twin Peaks as we follow our Annie Blackburn through town on her way to… where?

Cameron’s been to the Pacific Northwest on a little jaunt to scout locations, set up production and create this in order to whet our appetites. Besides @amy_ostbo, the

enigmatic actress who plays Annie, there’s also a new look Laura Palmer.

Devoid of dialogue, barring some choice cuts from the series, there’s very little one can glean about the plot, which I like. No-one wanted a Fast and Furious style trailer after all. Really it’s just great to see so many locations worked in to the piece; everywhere from the Double R to the Palmer house.

He must have had a blast making this and I certainly had a blast watching it. He’s got the font and colours for the titles down near perfect and that was a great bonus. Also, he must have some decent software to put all this together. My bargain-basement version of Sony Vegas won’t allow me to smoothly fade people in and out of a shot – only in stages like I had to do in the woods haiku I recorded a few weeks back. This looks and sounds very professional.

An overall A for effort. Please give it a watch and support the project. There’s still time to donate via Indiegogo to help fund it. You can do that here:


You can also watch the Vlog Lady’s review of the trailer here:

More details to follow when I have them.

Meanwhile, check out #whatthehaiku on YouTube if you get bored and want some short poetry.


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