Twin Peaks Cake!

Hi everyone,

So, I may not have any haikus left in me (I seriously haven’t – I tried) but that doesn’t mean I just stopped being obsessed with Twin Peaks. My latest thing was a cake which I put together for my good friend Frank’s 50th birthday. I was really proud of it so I thought I’d share a few pictures and go through how I made it.

For the actual cake, I doubled up this recipe which I’ve used before for Mississippi Mud cake. Doubling up allowed me to use my 30cm cake tin which I haven’t used since my wedding.

Once I mixed up all the ingredients, it struck me just how horrifically unhealthy this cake is.  It’s basically just butter, sugar and chocolate. Over a kilo and a half of just that!

Like every recipe I use, it always seems that the cooking time is vastly exaggerated. It said an hour and a half for the original quantity; the doubled version still took less than that. I didn’t bother with the coffee liqueur (don’t like coffee flavouring and not spending a tenner on a bottle of it just to use a tablespoon full). If I’d been able to find some quality orange chocolate, I might have added some rum and gone that way but all’s well that ends well.

It really was a monstrously large cake.

I left it to cool overnight and then started the decoration. I had a ready-rolled white circle of fondant icing so I began with that.

Then started adding black fondant icing rolled and cut into chevrons. I used a spatula to cut the chevron shapes. using the end meant that I got roughly the same length each time.

The black icing came as a block so I had to roll that out first. A plastic freezer bag is good for that but I didn’t have any so I had to settle for greaseproof paper.

Once the chevrons were finished, I rolled out the red fondant icing to make the drapes around the outside. Brushing a little war water on the cake makes the icing stick to it quite effectively.

The next step was making the Black Lodge furniture. I used more fondant icing to make the chairs. This was done by pressing some into a Tupperware container. That made the base, then I just repeated it and cut out a section to make the armrests and back of the chairs. I was really hurrying now as I wanted to get a train, so my Venus de Milo was perhaps a little lacking in precision (that’s the kindest way I an describe it). The birthday candle, I encased in more black fondant icing to make it a big lamp.

The final touch was to make the dwarf! I used the rest of the red and black icing, along with a tiny piece of white to make the Man From Another Place. I forgot that he actually wore a red shirt in Twin Peaks. As a result, my little man looked more like Santa Claus. I stuck Frank’s head on him and my work was complete!

The cake went down really well and I was so relieved. I have to say that it improves with age too. I brought some home and stuck it in the fridge, Now that it’s chilled and hardened a little, it’s like one big chocolate brownie. Gorgeous!

It was lovely to meet up with friends from the Twin Peaks fan community, who I only usually see at the UK Festival in the autumn.

Well, thanks for reading. If you want the whole recipe, leave a message (I’m aware that the method is cut off in the picture at the top).

There’ll be more poetry at some point, and a book. In the meantime, it’s nice sometimes to wander down different avenues.



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