Bite your tongue – a poem




Bite your tongue

Hold it all in

Can’t be the one

To make the blade swing

It’s not your right

Though the lies abound

Stay out of sight

And don’t make a sound

Don’t type a word

When your fingers are itching

Though it seems so absurd

To ignore all the bitching


To admit the tide

Of misplaced rage

To not give your side

And stay locked in your cage

Graffiti on bathroom stalls

Layers of paint will never conceal

Like it’s daubed on your own house’s walls

And oh, how dirty you feel


And they’re not about you

That’s the craziest part

Of comments on which one can stew

The thorns aren’t meant for your heart


“Love me, love me

Pity me, pity me

See me, see me

Oh God just see me.

Validate me

At the expense of all others.”

They say what they want with impunity

Righteous fury fans their flame

Invoking the highest authority

In their quest to lay the blame


And what remains when the die is cast

When the screen has powered down?

A sickly worry you can’t move past

And a lake in which to drown


This is what stands in our place today

Pray one day it will not

The self-righteous hammer and lack of fair play

Causing beautiful visions to rot


Thanks for reading,

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