Grass Between the Floorboards – a poem

This one came to me today. I did another word association, stream of consciousness thing, making a list of words. I then used the words as the beginning of each line to tell a story. I started out with intentions of this being a lot more positive than the last one. However, it went somewhere else.

Grass between the floorboards

Wet and newly cut

Playing children in the other room

Trample over last night’s mess

Flowers scattered, vase smashed

House cold from yawning doorway

Turning hands of clocks bring no change

Oven hot, blackened chicken turns to ash

Fears in a vacuum

Shadow of the night lingers on

Seclusion rules over the house

Doubt will come for all

Wonder they will at what occurred

Daisies cut and trampled on the lawn

Table overturned

Mother lies amidst the ruin

Collapsed and silent

Cells ravaged over time

Intuition told her it was near

Today the children are alone

Love on hold as father’s gone

Left in the dead of night

Came back from outside with pangs of guilt

But they dissolved

And now this


Thanks for reading,

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Richard Austin

Image credit

Andrew Pons via Unsplash

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