Casting Dune – Updates

Things have been very quiet over the past month on the Dune front. After an exciting flurry of announcements earlier in the year, it seems that filming has started and we’re not going to hear any more news about the principal cast for now.

Those cast members that we do know have been very active on social media, sharing pictures and videos of the beautiful Wadi Rum location in Jordan.

wadi rum

Thinking about the rest of the cast, the most notable gaps are Feyd Rautha, Shaddam IV and Nefud. It could be that these characters will not appear until the second film, but it is perhaps more likely that they will have minor roles. Certainly, Nefud is around during the Harkonnen re-taking of Arrakis which I think is certain to take place in the first film. Neither of them will be needed in Jordan (in the book they don’t spend time in the desert) unlike the others so it’s reasonable that we haven’t been given the casting decisions yet.

That leaves only the Shadout Mapes as a sizeable role that has not yet been announced, unless I’ve forgotten anyone.

There were some additions to the IMDb listing the other day, however. Three more names have appeared and I thought I would introduce you all to them.

Bjorn Freiberg – Leto Officer


German actor, Bjorn Freiberg is listed as playing an Atreides officer. You might have seen him on TV in The Alienist, or as a NASA staff member in the hit film, The Martian. Besides acting, Freiberg holds a PhD in Economics and is a painter, author and spent 14 years as a university teacher.

Gloria Obianyo – Harah


Apart from being a highly skilled athlete and guitarist, Gloria Obianyo is an accomplished stage actress with a number of credits, including work for the National Theatre and the Old Vic. She has worked on stage and screen with Ralph Fiennes, Juliet Binoche, Robert Pattinson and Sophie Okenedo. Her performances have garnered very positive reviews and she seems a great addition to the cast. The amount of stage actors in Denis Villeneuve’s production gives me great confidence. Her role has been confirmed on IMDb as Harah. After what I’ve read about her, I’m glad she’s been given this important role.

Oliver Ryan – Hawat Specialist


Oliver Ryan is another actor with pedigree on the stage. He played both Faustus and Mephistopheles for the Royal Shakespeare Company in their recent production of Doctor Faustus. Also for the RSC, he has played meaty roles such as Malcolm in Macbeth and Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet. On screen, he’s appeared in the recent All The Money In The World with Christopher Plummer. He was also on the West End stage with Christian Slater as a detective in the revival of Glengarry Glen Ross (pictured above). He seems like another great addition.

So, three more names to add to the cast. I feel really positive about this production from everything that I’m hearing and I’ve never felt so passionate about wanting something to succeed on screen. Following the production all the way from the beginning has been very exciting and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. Just imagine how excited I’m going to be when we get a trailer!!!!

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