Casting Dune – Trailer Analysis

Hi everyone, I thought I’d let the dust settle before I wrote anything about this. The Facebook groups have been alive with discussion since it was released. I saw the premiere on Twitter on my phone (again, don’t tell David Lynch, he wouldn’t approve!) I don’t remember how many posts I’ve written about this film […]

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Casting Dune – Updates

Things have been very quiet over the past month on the Dune front. After an exciting flurry of announcements earlier in the year, it seems that filming has started and we’re not going to hear any more news about the principal cast for now. Those cast members that we do know have been very active […]

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C is for Cinema

I’ve got to be there before the trailers. In truth, it’s only since the advent of reserved seating that I’ve been OK with getting there once the adverts start. Need to get a seat on the end of a row, preferably with no-one in front. Really, I’d like the screen to be completely empty but that’s […]

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