Casting Dune – Part 2 Casting Wishlist

Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting to get this post in the bag for some time now, since seeing the first film. I made some predictions when all this started about who I thought should be in the key roles. That’s all ancient history now and, suffice to say, I didn’t get any of them right.

Having seen the first film, I have some ideas on the right people to fit in with what’s coming in Part 2. I know the Internet is crowded with these kinds of suggestions, but I figure I’m owed my own tuppence worth for all the time I’ve invested in tracking the film. I’ve written so many posts about the casting of the project so why not carry on into Part 2.

So, here are a few suggestions for people who might be good in the remaining major roles in the story.

Irulan – Elizabeth Debicki

Paul’s attention came at last to a tall blonde woman, green-eyed, a face of patrician beauty, classic in its hauteur, untouched by tears, completely undefeated.

This description seems to have been written for Elizabeth Debicki. Scytale also refers to her as a tall, blonde beauty in Dune Messiah. She has a regal grace that is undeniable. She was wonderful in Tenet and perfect to play Shaddam’s eldest daughter.

Emperor Shaddam IV – Damien Lewis

He’s the same age roughly as Oscar Isaac, as described in the book. Even though Shaddam is 71, he looks no older than Leto. Lewis has the intensity and presence to make a fantastic Emperor. I think he would be a wonderful choice.

Feyd Rautha – Eamon Farren

Farren is the perfect choice to play Feyd. He’s proved in his work in various projects, not least Twin Peaks, that he can embody evil on screen. He’s a really nice man by all accounts (and I think he liked one of my haikus to boot) but he can really do bad guys! He’s a little older than Chalamet but there’s no reason why that would get in the way. Picture him with his head shaved Harkonnen-style and I’m more sold on this choice with every passing second. Let the campaign start here.

Count Hasimir Fenring and Lady Margot Fenring – Michael C Hall and Cate Blanchett

What a pair these two would make. Tell me Cate Blanchett doesn’t fit this description from the book.

“He stared at the Lady Fenring. She was golden-haired and willowy, her perfection of figure clothed in a flowing gown of ecru – simple fitness of form without ornament. Gray-green eyes stared back at him. She had that Bene Gesserit serene repose about her that the young man found subtly disturbing.

Michael C Hall doesn’t fit Herbert’s description of a small, weak-looking weasel, but he has the fiendish cunning and would make someone you could easily believe would be able to kill Paul if he had the mind to.

There you go.

I’m not touching Alia – the film is too far off to think about actor that might be able to do it or make any kind of prediction. I would offer my daughter for the part but even she’ll be 4 by the time they start filming. The timeline wouldn’t fit. I just hope they make her a toddler like in the book. Having a two-year old speak like an adult through some effects wizardry would be a great touch. I will chuck in Shohreh Aghdashloo to play Reverend Mother Ramallo, though. That would be nice, and I could watch (and especially listen to) her in anything.

Thanks for reading. Let’s see how many I get right this time. I’ll post again with reactions when casting decisions are announced.

Until then, long live the fighters!!



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