Some Christmas Poems

Hi everyone,

I’ve been meaning to do a poem or two for ages but have struggled for inspiration. I’ve been running a poetry club for some of the kids at my school, though, and today we came up with some little bits and pieces – just a few little bits of rhyme and a couple of limericks.

Here’s a nonet to start…

My children fast asleep, dreaming on,

Their anticipation on pause.

Presents sit beneath the tree,

The time is soon to come.

Central heating clicks.

Stockings hanging,

A moment,



And three limericks…

There was a Christmas Elf

Who complained about his health

He went on and on,

Til his friends were all gone,

Then he sat there and moaned to himself.


There was an old chap called St. Nick,

Who got so terribly sick.

Down each chimney he hurled,

As he flew round the world,

So much that he stained every brick.


There was round chap named Santa,

Who didn’t much care for Fanta.

Right there in his sight,

Rudolf sipped on a Sprite,

So he swiped it and made off at a canter.

And a few little bits…


Down my chimney, Santa goes

The fire at the bottom burns his toes

“Ouch!” he shouts, and wakes the hound

Who runs away from the awful sound


Love is coming your way

On this fine Christmas Day

Throwing snow all around

In this sleepy little town


Christmas is here

Mince pies are yuck,

For my auntie Vera,

I got a rubber duck!


Santa is coming,

He’s just round down the street,

So look like you’re good,

Or you’ll not get a treat.


Slipping down the chimney,

Searching all around,

He’ll catch you if you’re wide awake,

Please don’t make a sound.


His red attire screams danger,

He sees with beady eyes,

He’ll sniff out all your secrets,

And muffle all your cries.


He hasn’t brought you presents,

But he’ll eat the pie you left,

He doesn’t bring you good cheer,

Just trespassing and theft.


Thanks for reading,


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