Queen of Hearts – new trailer and announcement

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After a year of setbacks and travails, the crowd-funded fan film Queen of Hearts, written and directed by Cameron Cloutier from the Obnoxious and Anonymous YouTube Channel is back on track. It’s set for a release date of Spring 2020.


Lots of bad luck has hampered the progress of this project since vocal support from cast members like Chrysta Bell and Jake Wardle helped it reached its goal of $25,000 on the Indiegogo website at the beginning of last year. After a long, hard campaign to win enough money to make his love letter to the world of Twin Peaks, it seemed like the project would never come to fruition due to one setback after another. Cameron has remained optimistic throughout, and it looks like that optimism is going to pay off for him.

Casting has been progressing and I believe most of the key roles are filled. Props and costumes are being acquired and there is a real renewed sense of reality about the whole project. This can be seen through the new trailer. It’s a two minute tour with some iconic images  that all Twin Peaks fans will recognise. It’s filmed with a mix of wonderful crispness reminiscent of the source material’s third season and a more soft, muted palette that recalls the pilot episode. There are some nice touches that show the filmmaker’s skill such as a lovely transition at 1:10 from the forest to the familiar red drapes of the Black Lodge.

Along with the recognisable images are some little teases, like the windows of what could be a convent.

Is this where we find Annie in the story?

There is also a strobe-lit cut of what looks like a Hollywood star of old…

Who is this mystery woman?

It’s so nice to see this endeavour back on track. People are so inspired by the world of Twin Peaks and I think it’s great that there is so much fan-inspired artwork. Some people appear to have a problem with things like this when they are on film, but we all have our ways of expressing ourselves and sharing our creativity. Just because this happens to be the same medium as the show itself should make no difference whatsoever to its validity as an expression. If we can read stories and poems and look at beautiful fan-made artwork, why should a film that takes place in that world be any different?

Anyway, congratulations to Cameron for getting all this back on track, and lots of luck for the next few months as things start to come together.

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Also, while I’ve got your attention, and while we’re kind of on the subject of casting, I’ll sneak in a plug for some of my other posts. The other film I’m keeping tabs on at the minute is Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of my favourite book: Frank Herbert’s Dune. There’s been plenty of news on the casting front for that one lately and you can check out my thoughts on it by following the links below.

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