The Andromeda Experience – 6

Had a bit of a break from Mass Effect but I’ve spent a couple of nights getting on with it and thought I would check in with another of these short posts.  I decided to go back to Eos and finish things off there.  I didn’t know there was anything left to finish off after I sorted the outpost out. As it turns out, there was a whole Kett base there complete with its own massive power plant.

I actually felt quite bad for them. they’d clearly spent quite a lot of time building all this infrastructure only for me and my team mates (can’t remember their names right now) to wipe them out. Eos is quite a large planet – I’ve seen it from space – and I can’t help but wonder whether we would have been able to divide it up somehow. The video below will give you some indication of my dilemma.

Eos is now 98% viable for our colonists. Yay. All it took was some ethnic cleansing. I did manage to Level Up a little during all this carnage, which meant I was able to add the flamethrower option to my Assault turret. What does that mean? It means that I can now hide behind a rock while an automated weapon does my fighting for me. I can just pop out when it’s done and survey the charred corpses.

I have now moved off Eos and gone to the next world in the chain – Voeld.  I didn’t want to spend too much time on board the Tempest. As beautiful as it is, being there involves getting into conversation with my crew. They’re just so dull. I accidentally triggered a cutscene with someone called Gil in the engine room. He wants us to play poker.  That’s so not happening unless I get massive quantities of XP for it. On the plus side I finally found some copper and managed to craft myself a Reegar Carbine shotgun.  Now I feel more complete. Still not loving the R and D section. It seems so convoluted and I can’t figure out what I’ve got or even what I can get at this point.  I think I prefer ME:1’s system best out of all the games. There you could easily see whether what you’d just prized out of some dead alien’s hands was any better than what you already had.


Anyway, Voeld – or the slightly catchier ‘Habitat 6’. This was my first view of the place – it reminded me of that time I ended up in a cab to the airport in New Delhi and couldn’t see anything outside the window (literally anything). I love the graphics in this game, they’re so gorgeous. The snow is beautifully done and the beacon lights look so realistic.  I know everyone goes on about the facial animations and OK, they can be a bit freaky, but the landscapes are fantastic.  So, Voeld looks like it’s the Noveria of this game – freezing cold. Fortunately, there are nice patio heaters scattered here and there. it’s like the outdoor bit at my local pub.

How much energy is this thing using?


I haven’t done much here on Voeld yet.  I was just admiring the scenery.

Looks like Everest – bet I have to drive up it at some point!


Then I got in the Nomad and went for a drive around to see what I could see…

And what did I see? More Kett! Looks like the purge will continue. Could use some different enemies at some point; some new species to exterminate arbitrarily.

I’m looking forward to exploring Voeld a little more and seeing what there is to do. There’s already been mention of a Remnant vault, so I imagine it involves Sudoku puzzles at some point.

Anyway, I’ll check in again when I’ve got an outpost on Voeld.

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