This week in Hope County

So, after the mammoth task of getting through Mass Effect: Andromeda over the past year and a half (trying to fit it in around work and family commitments and everything else I wanted to do with my life) I have moved on to a title that’s been waiting on my shelf since my birthday last […]

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The Andromeda Experience – 10

My journey through the Andromeda galaxy has finally come to an end. After a year and a half plodding along doing side quests and exploring, I finally got around to embarking on the final mission. This involves hunting down the Archon and finding Meridian; the huge Remnant city that can bring life to the entire […]

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Children in an Online World

Did you know: around a quarter of children in the UK think that, if a website is listed on Google, then it has been through some kind of authentication process and its content can be trusted. Here are some graphics that I pulled off an Ofcom report from 2017. I do not claim any expertise […]

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