The Andromeda Experience – 4

Hello again,

Just a quick one but it’s been almost a month since I did the last update on my progress through Mass Effect Andromeda. I’ve also discovered that I can take screenshots on my Xbox and upload them to my Hotmail account.  To be honest, I haven’t made much progress in the single-player campaign. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it. As I said, I really enjoyed the whole Eos section. When I left, however, I found myself in the position of having to wander around the Tempest, talking to people. That’s great and everything. It unlocks side missions, builds experience and gives you insight into who your squadmates really are.  I don’t know, though. Something about it all felt perfunctory.  I haven’t warmed to anyone yet. Peebee is alright but slightly irritating, I don’t like Cora (she seems a bit too much like Ashley), Liam or whatever his name comes across like some amalgam of Jacob, James Vega and Kaiden that had me hitting the ‘I should go’ option double quick.  The doctor’s nice and she’s voiced by Natalie Dormer but I’ve already looked it up and that’s not going anywhere. I’m such a cliché.

Oh God, do I have to?

I did some exploring and found some minerals. I just couldn’t stay away from the Multiplayer option though. That’s what I’ve been doing since then.

I maxed out my Human Female Engineer to Level 20 and was enjoying spending credits on extra gear. I thought I should go back to zero after a while though. I realised that I was basically just deploying my Assault Turret and then hiding around a corner, waiting as it wiped out everything that came near me.  The stuff it couldn’t handle, I would get off my backside for and finish off with my Reegar Carbine.

That’s me hiding at the bottom; that’s my turret flamethrower-ing everything in sight!

It was all getting a little easy on Bronze. I tried out Silver matches but thought I should try another character before going any further.  I’m now using an Asari Adept, who was worryingly frail through the early levels but is now, at level 11, pretty reliable.  I like the Annihilation Field which allows you to trigger biotic detonations on anything that comes near you.

That’s me on the left. I’m blue, and not in a metaphorical, sad way.

I got back into the single player story tonight and did a little side mission on Eos before heading back to the Nexus.  I say I did a side mission. I actually made a bit of a hash of it because I couldn’t get the controls of the Nomad right. Me and my team discovered some work group or whatever (I wasn’t really paying attention) were trying to tame the Remnant so they could be used to serve us (because that worked out so well with the Geth, the Cylons, the thinking machines and every other synthetic life EVER!) Anyway, we uncovered their plan and had two minutes to drive to where they were and save them.  About three minutes or so later, I was still trying to drive over a particularly stubborn rock formation that I had been too lazy to drive around.  All but one of the men in the work group died. I suppose it kind of serves them right, really. I just hope I don’t need one of them around to save my life somewhere later on down the trail.  I guess we’ll see. Still enjoying it. I love the Multiplayer options and it’s lovely to know I’ve not even really scratched the surface of the campaign.

Keela sa’lai!

Thanks for reading,


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