The Andromeda Experience – 3


This is the first new part of Mass Effect Andromeda that I’ve found since I started.  The introductory part had all followed a pattern that was quite familiar. However, I took my ship, The Tempest, out for a spin into the Heleus Cluster to the first world to which I had been directed.

After playing the Multiplayer section for a while and levelling up quite a way, it was a bit strange to be in combat without much in the way of firepower. I found myself killed quite a few times rushing headlong at the Kett without thinking about what I was doing. However, once I got the hang of it, I quite enjoyed the combat interface. I haven’t quite got the hang of squad assignments yet and I find myself just letting Liam and Cora do their own thing while I fumble around.

Reaching Eos, I found that things took a rather nice turn. There is a lot more focus on exploration in this part of the game. There are some side missions to complete from the Nexus (the Jessica Fletcher Murder She Wrote one I mentioned in the last post was good, with me finding different parts of the victim’s body scattered around in the sand) and you are a little hampered by the extreme radiation which will kill you pretty quickly if you go too far.

eos peebee

I met up with the Krogan and Asari members of the team who are OK. They’re not Wrex and Liara but then who would be? After a bit of combat and travelling around deciphering all the Remnant glyphs, I descended into the vault, and into the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in the game so far. The whole underground cavern is wonderfully realised. I found myself staring over a precipice where you can see for what looks like miles to huge underground pyramids bristling with the flow of electricity.

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170330094318

Whoever designed the graphics for this section of the game deserves a lot of credit. I do find the Remnant to be a little bit ‘Geth Lite’ in some ways. It’s like they needed a synthetic opponent to make certain tech powers worth having. They look good but just not that original. In fact, looking at the opponents available in multiplayer, it would seem that they followed the model of ME:3 quite closely. Kett = Reapers, Rebels = Cerberus, Remnant = Geth. If it ain’t broke, I guess, but it feels a little worn as it stands.

That said, I really enjoyed the Eos section and it’s great to think that I need to come back here and develop the outpost more as the radiation clears from the atmosphere. Unlike the original trilogy where you would clear one world and move on to the next, here it seems to be more about preserving the areas you explore. Whereas in the original trilogy it was about a linear story with lots of available sideplots, this seems to be more fluid with a more ‘sandbox’ feeling.


One little negative is the Research and Development options. I’m finding it a bit confusing. I’ve invested in certain weapons and armour but they don’t seem to be available in my inventory. I don’t know if I have to build them now that I’ve designed them or what? It’s going to take some Internet research when I have a spare moment.

Anyway, still enjoying it. So much so that I’m going to ditch this and play a quick Multiplayer game before I sign off on the day.

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