Two Coopers – Two Sonnets

I was going to save these until Saturday, but then I saw that it was Kyle Maclachlan’s birthday today, so I thought I’d move it up the list a little.  Following on from my poem, A Sonnet for Laura Palmer the other day, I decided to keep on going and write another one; this time about […]

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Monday Music 19 – 2017

I’ve missed a couple of Mondays. This week I’m going with some of composer Angelo Badalamenti’s most moving music. I’ve cried twice watching David Lynch’s work. Both times it was during The Straight Story. It’s a film that doesn’t get a lot of attention amongst Lynch’s other films, perhaps because of its straightforward, biographical narrative. […]

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A Twin Peaks Conversation

Hi there, As promised, here is a link to my conversation with Cameron and Hal on the YouTube channel, Obnoxious and Anonynous.  We talked about all manner of things from Twin Peaks to Eraserhead and beyond.  It was very late at night and I probably slurred my words and made no sense whatsoever but it […]

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