A Trip to HOME

I’ve been looking forward to going to this exhibition for ages and it didn’t disappoint. The HOME gallery in Manchester has an exhibition of David Lynch’s artwork running through until the autumn. After reading ‘Room to Dream’ at Christmas I was eager to see some more of Lynch’s artwork and the chance to do so was too good to miss. This was also my first trip to Manchester. I got the chance to see the art gallery and some of the sights.

HOME is more than just a gallery – it’s a music venue, a theatre, a restaurant and a cinema all rolled into one. I met up with a few great people from the Twin Peaks fan community and shared a lovely few hours there.

I’m going to share some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition here but the pictures don’t do any kind of justice to the real things. They have such a visceral, three dimensional quality that can’t be captured unless you see them for yourself.

wayward, unproductive thinking. I can relate
I used to find myself doing this quite often when I was younger…
This one reminded me of the convenience store set from The Return
We called her Barbara
I loved the blood detail in this one
This is probably my favourite piece. It’s horrifying, especially the ‘friends’

Whatever happened, it wasn’t good
So much going on in this one!
A little boy plays with fire. His face is hideous
Bob finds himself in a world he doesn’t understand. Bob?
Another hideous face!
The stuff coming out of the house you just have to see up close to believe. It’s an amalgam of all kinds of stuff and it just looks like evil should look. I didn’t notice this at first but I can see a big face on the right hand side which reminded me of Cooper’s head superimposed over the screen in Part 17 of The Return. It’s probably just me.

I followed up the art exhibition with a viewing of my favourite Lynch film, Blue Velvet. It was a new 4K restoration of the print and it was so good to see it on the big screen. I picked up on so many details that I’ve never noticed before. I also saw some different things in the story itself through the lens of parenthood. I noticed so many aspects of the story that relate to the parent/child relationship and I’d like to spend some more time thinking about this; maybe put some of my thoughts into a post at a later date.

It did get busier!

After all that excitement, I took a trip up to another home, my childhood home of Newcastle upon Tyne. Quite near to where I grew up, there’s a road that I never knew existed until I saw The Vlog Lady put a picture of it up on Twitter last week. It’s literally a few minutes drive from my childhood home so I had to give it a look.


Yes, I’m lying on the pavement. It was the only option.

So, once again, I highly recommend going to see the Lynch exhibition at HOME. You have to see these works in person to really get the full effect. Also, if you ever get the chance to see his films on the big screen, it really makes a difference to the experience.

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