A trip to Wings and Wheels (Father’s Day Special)

I got a very lovely surprise from my wife this Father’s Day. I was whisked away to Dunsfold Aerodrome for the last ever ‘Wings and Wheels’ show. The event will not be running any more because the land has been sold off to developers.

I thought I would share some of my photos from the day. There were lots of great-looking aircraft on display, and some daring aerobatics which culminated in a display by the Red Arrows, who I’d never seen in action before.


This picture sums up how close these people get to one another

There were lots of older aeroplanes on show, including this Spitfire…


A B-17 Flying Fortress


and one of my favourites, a beautiful DC-3 Dakota.


The Red Arrows showed up and put on a fine display at speeds of over 700mph.


My favourite picture of the day


The ‘Wheels’ portion of the show included lots of sports cars and classics. These two stuck in my head.

We spent a few holidays down at Pompano Beach when I was young if I remember correctly
and Herbie’s always worth a picture

The show was capped off by two Hawker Hurricanes, both of which served in World War 2, either in the Battle of Britain or at Dunkirk.


All in all, a really fun day with some lovely things to see. I stuck a video on YouTube but the quality is a bit dodgy as I didn’t have my tripod. Using extreme zoom when you’re holding the thing in your hand is never advisable.  You might get an idea of what all this looked like, though.

Big thanks to Mrs A for sorting out the tickets (and everything else she does).


If you fancy a look at more pictures of planes and stuff from day trips out, then please click the links below…

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