Tonight’s Viewing – The King

I was interested to see this, primarily to see Timothee Chalamet in a role closer to what he has taken on in Denis Vielleneuve’s Dune. Having only seen him in Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, I was wondering how he would cope in a film with a much larger scale. I shouldn’t […]

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Casting Dune – Big in Hungary

Not much going on in terms of casting announcements, even though filming is firmly underway in Hungary, but there have been a number of new developments that have gone on in the past few weeks and I thought it was worth compiling some of them into a post. Paul Bullion as ‘Sardaukar Soldier’ Peaky Blinders’ […]

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Casting Dune – Updates

Things have been very quiet over the past month on the Dune front. After an exciting flurry of announcements earlier in the year, it seems that filming has started and we’re not going to hear any more news about the principal cast for now. Those cast members that we do know have been very active […]

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