Habit breaking update #4

It’s been a while now after the disappointment of chewing off all my nice new fingernails. I thought I had blown it then and that I would just have to resign in shame and admit what a worthless, spineless worm I really am.


Things haven’t been perfect since then, and I will admit to the odd chew. However, I do seem to have done a lot better since that day. Here’s what my nails look like now.

As you can see, I’ve done pretty well and they look in decent condition. I’ve tried really hard to keep away from the skin around them too.

So, this seems a bit more positive and it’s become clear to me that I can have lapses and still reach a much better place than I was in just over a month ago. Thanks for all the positive comments since I started this.


Yeah, best I don’t mention this one again. It’s Christmas time and all bets are off when it comes to rubbish food and drink consumption. I’ll try this again after New Year’s.

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