Habit breaking update #4

It’s been a while now after the disappointment of chewing off all my nice new fingernails. I thought I had blown it then and that I would just have to resign in shame and admit what a worthless, spineless worm I really am. Nails Things haven’t been perfect since then, and I will admit to […]

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Habit Breaking update #3

I was getting ready to go on about how easy this whole thing with the nail-biting was, then today happened… Something’s obviously got to me today because I’ve gnawed off five of my beautiful new nails. Things looked wonderful this morning; now not so much, I also had two 500ml bottles of Coke Zero this […]

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Habit Breaking Update #2

Update time… Nails I have fingernails. Real, actual fingernails. I’m so happy with myself right now. Even with a very stressful week last week, I’ve managed to stick to my guns and keep away from the biting. The skin around my thumb nails remains a little bit of a problem as I keep picking at […]

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