Habit Breaking Update #1

Hi everyone,

Since Friday, I have been trying hard with my challenge and I have some updates.


Wow, this is hard!!! I find myself doing it so much without even knowing it. All of a sudden I just find myself chewing. I’m going to have to try gloves at some point if it doesn’t improve. There are some crumbs of comfort in that I have managed to catch myself in the act several times and stop. I’ve also left my fingers alone largely and the chewing has been concentrated on my thumbs. I’ve also found it handy to keep a pair of nail clippers handy to trim any little loose bits before they get too tempting. That was difficult the other day, however, as I was out of the house without them. So, it’s hard. It’s only been two days though and I have to acknowledge the fact that I’m not going to be able to beat this without something of a fight.



I promised myself two cans at the weekend. I went a step further and decided to buy this organic ‘cola’ instead of my usual Coke Zero. That had no nasty stuff in it so I thought it would be better. It was OK tasting but didn’t have the same satisfaction level. Also, I don’t think it had caffeine in it so my addiction withdrawal was a bit nerve-jangling. As I had a pretty stressful day today, I allowed myself a can of Coke Zero on my way home. Since I didn’t have any of that at the weekend, I figured it was reasonable. I avoided sugary tea at work except for one cup which someone had already made for me (rude not to) and had two cups of Green tea with turmeric instead (which was really nice).

So, a few ups, a few downs, and I’m on the road. More updates in a few days.

Thanks for reading and for your support


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