If I Am – a haiku sequence

Finally, after a long time, something inspired me to write. As before, it is the gorgeous and haunting artwork of Maja Ljunggren. Her picture of Ronette, lying in her hospital bed, sentinelled by one Joey Paulson, put me back in the place to type some words. As usual, they don’t live up to the colours and power of the source material, but it felt good to be stirred; to be drawn back into the world of Twin Peaks. So here it is… “If I Am.”

Thanks for reading as always.

If I Am – a haiku sequence

Am I dreaming this?

Am I in or out of sleep?

What is it I feel?

Prods of sharp needles,

Interrupt the peace of rest,

Heavy on my mind.

Nearby energy,

Softness, a boy in a chair,

Seems to promise trust.

But he did as well,

The father; the beast or both?

It all went so wrong.

The harsh fluorescents,

Sting my eyes from high above,

Horror dreams repeat.

Shadows pass over,

Without shape they come and go,

Looking down on me.

Are they here to help?

Or harm? Like the roulette wheel,

Spinning with my world.

Turning wheels scratch,

Voices, him, them, looking on,

Asking me questions.

But I can’t answer,

I have no answers for this,

It all seemed like fun.

Reckless abandon,

Cabin in the dark forest,

A night spent with friends.

Now I’m floating on,

Alone and cut off from them,

Burnt needle scratching.

What could I have done?

Powerless in choking gloom,

And such horrors there.

Machines tell the tale,

Harsh noises in the distance,

Somewhere far away.

And here I lie still,

Not knowing where I am now,

Or if I am.

Cheers for reading



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