I Dream of a Garden – a poem

I was on a school trip to RHS Wisley today and was really inspired by the great collection of plants to write something. I was going to do individual haikus about the pictures I took, but decided to just go for one thing, which I wrote on the coach back to school. Anyway, here it is, with pictures of the things that inspired me.

I Dream of a Garden

Where emerald peacocks spread themselves to keep cool,

And icy water trickles into a sunlit pool.

Where waxy pink flowers beckon me to come sit,

And fireworks burst to keep the blue sky brightly lit.

Where snowflakes keep their shape in the summer heat,

And peckish ducks paddle with webbed feet.

Where green velvet shields protect you from the Sun,

And bright red feathers tickle you for fun.

Where satin-backed microphones wait for you to sing,

And a gentle breeze makes fields of lavender swing.

Where jellyfish sting second and dance first,

And you can pick a rocket lolly to quench your thirst.

Where Rapunzel lets her tangled hair tumble from a tree,

And because of the spiky décor, there’s always a seat free.

Where every bright sunflower has an evil twin,

And every cup holds precious nectar within.

Where raspberry cotton candy explodes out near the water,

And gramophones play birdsong or the laughter of your daughter.

Where you can be a couple or be safely on your own,

And in a field that reaches high, you’ll never be alone.

Thanks for reading


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