World Book Day 2020

Happy World Book Day everyone,

Thought I’d share my costume from today at school. I decided to be Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, as it’s one of my favourite poems. Costume nice and easy – just yoga stuff. I had fun making my albatross (it’s always nice to challenge yourself with something you’re not very good at and I haven’t done any sewing since I was in school myself) which turned out alright. I’m particularly happy with his little feet.

Honestly, I got more props for going out on the playground barefoot this morning. It was far too cold to stand on the ground so I took some cardboard and stood on that (a trick I learned from Mrs A while doing market stalls a few years ago) which was much nicer. I think the cardboard and rags led one of the parents to assume I had come as a homeless person and he tossed me 2p. Bonus!

Thanks for reading,


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