Monday Music 19 – 2018

It has been a while since I did a Monday Music post. This week, I decided to go with a top 3. Besides Michael Giacchino’s fantastic work on the soundtrack for Lost, there are, as with many other TV shows, bits of popular music that are used throughout that resonated with me from the past or […]

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Monday Music 18 – 2018

I was watching Fletch last week and I thought I would make it the subject of this week’s Monday Music. For starters, I looked for one of the songs from the film and came across probably the most bizarre music video I’ve ever seen. This really has to be seen to be believed. Dan Hartman, […]

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Monday Music 17 – 2018

This week I’m going with my all-time favourite piece of music: Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. It’s occupied that place since my early twenties when my Dad had a copy of it that he played for me. The violinist was one Maxim Vengerov. I’ve listened to this countless times since and it holds such rich associations for […]

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Monday Music 6 – 2018

Hi everyone, This week, I thought I would look back at my childhood and give a couple of examples that I remember from long car journeys growing up.  The car looked something like this. A Ford Sierra. Ours was blue. Back in the old days there were two cassettes that were destined to come on anytime […]

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Monday Music 5 – 2018

This is the last of these posts that I’m going to dedicate to my favourite bands for the time being. I’m going to move back to doing a particular piece of music each week. The last entry I’m going to do isn’t actually a band at all.  I’m going back to the USA to talk […]

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Monday Music 4 – 2018

I missed a couple of weeks due to various things, but I’m back with the next in my journey through some of my favourite bands.  I came back to Britain last time, and I’m staying there, going north to Scotland to talk about… Big Country Big Country were formed in Dunfermline in 1981 by Stuart Adamson […]

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Monday Music 3 – 2018

  A very big change of pace from the previous three entries – this week I’m coming back to the UK to bring you – The Prodigy I first heard The Prodigy, who were formed in Braintree in 1990 by keyboard player and songwriter Liam Howlett, through my best friend after I moved down to the […]

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Monday Music 2 – 2018

On to another one of my favourite bands this week. From Idaho and Built to Spill, we travel to the other side of the United States to Charlottesville, Virginia; birthplace of… Dave Matthews Band   In 1990, Dave Matthews was a bartender in Charlottesville when a friend of his convinced him to record some of the […]

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Monday Music 1 – 2018

Hello all, This is my first Monday Music of the new year and I’m carrying on with my plan to cover one of my favourite bands every week. I started with Canada’s Cowboy Junkies to close out last year. Now, I’ll make the not so distant journey to Idaho, USA, the birthplace of another of […]

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Monday Music 31 – 2017

I’ve decided to go a different way with these posts for a few weeks.  Instead of picking some music at random, I’m going to dedicate each week to one of my favourite bands or singers.  I’ll post a couple of links to some of their songs, tell you a bit about where I first heard […]

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