My Top 5 Predictions for Game of Thrones Season 8

I have never written anything on here about Game of Thrones. With the start of its final season marching purposefully towards us, axe in hand, like an angry Sandor Clegane, I thought I might stick my neck out with some predictions about what I think might happen in the last six episodes. I might do a longer post with survival chances for all the characters before the 15 April kick off but, for now, here are my five Season 8 predictions. Let me know if you have any of your own in the comments section below.

1. Bran will warg into / ride a dragon


I know I’m not the first person to say this, but I’ve been convinced about this one for ages; ever since there was that comment about him not being able to walk but being able to fly. His character has been carried or dragged through the last seven seasons (albeit with the ability to walk in his visions) and it would be a fitting way to end if he were able to take a more active part in the last actions. If he can’t ride a dragon, I think warging into one would be just as fitting a development on his character’s arc. I don’t know whether you can do this with something that’s dead, so Viserion is out. It would have to be one of the other two. My money would be on Rhaegar.

2. Jaime will die a hero’s death


As much as Jaime Lannister has redeemed himself and grown into a man of honour over the course of the series, I don’t think he can ever be allowed to escape what he did to Bran. You could argue that he has been paid back for this in the loss of his hand; this was the part of him that made his reputation. He was the feared swordsman. Likewise, what little reputation Bran had was based on his ability to climb, the ability that was taken away by Jaime’s cruel act. Both their characters have had to move on and find other attributes to make them distinctive, but I still think there is more of a price to pay yet or the Lannister man. He is going to die protecting someone else. For bonus points, I’m going to say that he’ll be protecting that person from Cersei in some way. Could it be Brienne?

3. The iron throne will be destroyed

iron throne

There’s too much talk of who’s going to end up sitting on that chair and ruling everything at the close of play. I just have a distinct feeling that things aren’t going to be that simple. The iron throne has become a symbol throughout the series and the series’ end could also spell the end for the throne itself. It was forged together by the fire of a dragon and I think that a dragon could well unmake it. Melting the chair into scrap could well be a symbol for ‘breaking the wheel’, the way that Daenerys Targaryen has sworn to do. I think that chair’s days are numbered.

4. Jon Snow will fight Zombie Gregor


Sooner or later, the Mountain will have to fight someone we really care about. Yes, Prince Oberyn was very charismatic but he wasn’t a lead character. Who would we feel more trepidation for than our hero, Jon Snow, going up against what remains of Gregor Clegane? For bonus points, I think he’ll lose but he’ll be saved from a grisly death by The Hound. That confrontation surely has to happen before the end. If the Hound doesn’t save him, it might have to be a dragon. This whole series of events could be from Cersei sending the Mountain on a mission to kill Dany. Either her nephew or her children would have to step up and stop him.

5. Sean Bean will make an appearance in Season 8


Now, I say this in full remembrance of what Sean Connery said in Highlander.

“If your head comes away from your neck, its over.”

I think it would be a great callback to the first season if Ned Stark were to make an appearance, beyond Bran’s flashbacks to the younger versions. The way I see it, there are two ways this could happen. Firstly, it could be another flashback to some more recent events. Secondly, it could be that his face is being used by another. Maybe it is Ned Stark stalking his terrified daughter through the crypt of Winterfell in the Season 8 trailer. Is it out of the question that the faceless men took Lord Eddard’s visage after Joffrey had his sport with it? This is the most unlikely of my predictions but I’m just a big fan of Sean Bean so I’d love to see it.

So, those are five predictions for what might be coming. Can’t wait to find out how wrong I am.

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