The Title Issue


Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about the title of my book, which I plan on releasing next year.  As you know, I have been fixed on The Crossing since I first had the idea a couple of years ago.

However, it has been pointed out by a few people that there are already books in print that carry this title.  I recently learned that there is also a TV series due for airing next year that has this title.

Whilst I am wedded to the idea and I like the way it links to the themes in the book, and to the series that it will be a part of, I am beginning to think of other titles I might consider.

So, I thought I would share a few ideas, mostly just so I have some record of my thought process:

The Crossing

Between Two Worlds

Worlds Apart

A Thousand White Fragments (a quote from Lord of the Flies)

Away to the Stars

Leaving All Behind

A King of Infinite Space

The Narrow Path

The Far Black Horizon

New Horizons

Long is the Way

To Undreamed Shores

Blue Jay Aloft (I’m toying with new names for the spacecraft as opposed to X5  which seems a bit boring to me now: Blue Jay and Jackdaw are the two frontrunners – they’re both birds attracted to shiny things)


Shearwater Aloft or just Shearwater (one of the birds that travels the furthest every year)

A Wandering Albatross

Dragonfly (dragonflies fly further than any other insect on Earth)

Now that I’ve spent some time thinking, I quite like some of the animal names.  What do you think?  I’d love to have your thoughts in the comments.

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