I see them everywhere!

I’m a bit obsessed at the minute.  Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks are both coming to an end pretty soon and I’ll have to move on.  However, in the meantime, I can’t seem to completely switch off from either.  In fact, I can’t even seem to read a book to my two-year-old boy at the minute without seeing things like this:


or this:

dreamer final 1

Belle looks in a mirror and…


It’s the same with the Bear Hunt book.  Whether it’s Jerry Horne in the woods…

stumble trip

or, more disturbingly, the Night King in a snowstorm.

hoo woo

Sometimes, it’s just the wording that gets me.

winter is coming

or just one word.

bunny 1

Anyway.  I can’t stop seeing this stuff and I thought I’d have a bit of fun on Photoshop this evening.  Have you ever seen bizarre references in things that no-one else does?

Thanks for reading



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