Mission accomplished

Very happy to report that the last 48 hours have gone brilliantly, unless you happen to be certain crew members aboard the X5.  My time in Reading has been incredibly productive with 14,000 words added to The Crossing. This takes me over the 2/3 mark and heading into the home straight. It’s been so lovely here. I’ve opened up my laptop in my hotel room, coffee shops, the library, one or two pubs and everywhere I’ve done so the story has kept pouring out, causing me to laugh and cry at various points. 
Now I’m looking forward to getting home and seeing my family.  I wanted to do 15,000 words and fell short by 1000 but feel that it was a very appropriate point to stop. 

I want to stick a sample on here for you and probably will later on tonight. I also have an idea for something else unrelated I want to tackle: who are the best dressed characters in outer space?

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Reading.


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