Time to get back to it!

Hi there,

After my holiday and a week spent either ill or engaged in floor sanding, I now have two clear days free of all other responsibilities. It’s time to get back into Paul Armstrong’s new world.  It’s been almost a month since I added to the story and It feels great to have the time to make some serious progress with the story.  I’m setting myself a provisional target of 15,000 words. That will take me to the 2/3 mark.  In order to help me with this, I’ve booked a couple of nights away from home in Reading, where I will have no distractions (except possibly a trip to see Jason Bourne tomorrow evening).  

I promise to post another sample soon.  Wish me luck.


Update: at the end of my first day, I’ve managed 4500 words. Yay! Early start tomorrow. 

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