Filling holes

Have you ever watched a film or read a book and wondered why they didn’t just turn around or go to the police or get on a plane?

Have you ever wondered what happened to that character from Act 1 that seems to have disappeared?  Plot holes seem to present themselves everywhere you go in Storyland.  Little things bother me, especially when you’ve seen or read something a number of times.

I was watching You Only Live Twice (in Italian) the other night.  Now I’ve seen this a million times before but, maybe because I was focusing on the visuals, I started to notice things.  Not obvious things, like the bizarre “plastic surgery” to make Bond look Japanese.  More things like this:

There is a scene where Bond and Aki are being chased by a car full of goons.  It is conveniently dispatched by a huge helicopter with a large magnet.  Now I’m not going to dispute the fact that this aircraft was on scene within about 30 seconds (I’m giving credit to Japanese Intelligence’s ability to launch magnet-wielding choppers at a moment’s notice, or maybe they have one on a constant patrol in case cars need to be lifted away). What I am going to take issue with, however, is the footage of this which is beamed into the TV in Aki’s car.  There is footage of the helicopter with the car TAKEN FROM THE AIR!!!!  Did they launch another helicopter to film the first one?  That just sticks out too much, I’m sorry!

Anyway, I maintain a constant watch with my writing to try and make sure that enough of it makes some sense in the real world.

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