I realise that my post last night was pure vanity. It worked though, so thanks. I’m now over 1000 hits on the website, and past 50 likes on my Facebook page, which at least tells me someone is reading.

In fact, it looks as though people from all over are reading which is nice to see.  Claire, I guess that’s you in Portugal, Peter in Spain, Ravi in Ireland and Chris in Australia. Thanks for keeping in touch and to the rest of you, whoever you are.

My most popular two posts have been my first Blake’s 7 rewatch and Darcie’s artwork.  

I’m on holiday at the minute, in fact I’m currently with my wife celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, hence the lack of new posts.  There is a swimming pool about five feet away as I write this.  I think passing this 1000 view milestone is deserving of a celebration, however, so as soon as I’m back typing on something other than my phone, I’ll stick up another 1000 words or so from The Crossing.  I haven’t been completely lazy whilst I’ve been away. I’ve been working out some of the plot twists and reveals that I want for the remainder of the story.  I’m really happy with some of the ideas that have come to me. I’ve also been reading one of my key reference texts, Lord of the Flies, looking for inspiration.

There’ll also be more Blake’s 7 to write about when I get home along with a look back at one of my favourite children’s Sci-Fi novels: Galactic Warlord by Douglas Hill.

Thanks for reading.


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