Thank you

A quick note to say thank you for the positive comments and messages of good luck that have been coming in from people.  You all show a great deal of faith considering I haven’t finished anything yet.  It’s Saturday morning which means it’s my time to add to what I’ve written so far.

This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and to feel it all coming together gives me the most intense feeling of creative fulfilment.  I’m never going to play a musical instrument, I’m never going to score a touchdown at Century Link Field but this is something I can do.  Of course, none of it is entirely real until I finish the book, go through rewrites and editing, figure out all the little things I’ve done along the way, put them right and see the finished product.  Then I’ll be deserving of all the faith people seem to have in me.  Then there’s the small matter of continuing the journey, for the story I have to tell will only begin with The Crossing. That just sets up all the events and gets our characters in motion towards their goal.

Thinking ahead, I’ve hit upon a title for Book 2.  It’ll be called The Crossing: Divisions.

Anyway, I now have two hours and a bit to reach a target of 2000 words, which will take me to a round figure of 40,000.  Best get to it!

Thanks again for following me on the journey.

Richard Austin

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