My Top 25 Twin Peaks scenes

It has been a while since I did a list. I’ve done quite a few Top 10 episodes lists of my favourite TV programmes but never touched my favourite of all. This ties in nicely with it being the Twin Peaks Festival in Washington this weekend (although in truth that’s just a fluke – I’ve […]

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The Forgotten Pieces

Hi everyone, I’ve had another article published, not on Taste of Cinema this time but on the 25YL TV and Film website. Surprise, surprise, its Twin Peaks related. I’ve written about the European pilot episode of the series and how I view the extra scenes at the end, especially in light of Season 3. Hope […]

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Shelly’s Tale – a poem

Hi there, I had another idea for a poem and I decided to go back to that Irish verse style called Ae Freislighe (ay fresh-lee) that I did a while ago. As I explained in that post, Ae Freislighe are highly regimented and have a complex arrangement of syllables and rhymes. It has stanzas of four […]

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Life’s Intersection – a poem

My #whatthehaiku video tonight turned into a seven-haiku collection, so I thought I’d put it here as well. Life’s Intersection A crack and you know Though you shut out what you saw You can’t stay the sound   It rips through your heart Screams your baby is taken Leaving you standing   Surrounded, alone Callous […]

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