N is for New York

I went to New York in August of 2006.  After many trips to the USA, I finally made it to the city that never sleeps. My ten days there convinced me that it’s the most exciting place in the world that isn’t called London. I arrived in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures […]

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I is for India

Hey, this is my 100th post!!! After 7000 words of All the Bond films, worst to best! I’m going back to the A-Z challenge. I must say that I’m very much in a ‘picture tells a thousand words’ mindset about this one. There’s not much I can add to some of the wonderful things I saw […]

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D is for Dalian

So, after coming home from Belize, I spent a couple more years at the airport. You can read all about that when I get to H. I was working at Budget Car rental and had just taken a Supervisor’s position when it finally hit me that I needed to do something more with my life. […]

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