The 30 tensest moments in cinema history

Here’s the link to my new Taste of Cinema article: Don’t know where my editor found the images but they have little to do with the actual scenes mentioned in most cases. Before you go there, though, I’d like to take a second to acknowledge two scenes and three actors that I couldn’t mention in […]

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Monday Music 28 – 2017

A quick one this week. I was watching The Fifth Element the other night and was reminded of the closing credits. The score for the film was composed by long-time Luc Besson collaborator, Eric Serra. I really like his work on this film and on Leon. The song that plays over the closing scene of […]

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Monday Music 27 – 2017

This week I was going to do the music from Unbreakable but the YouTube video disappeared off, probably due to some rampant copyright use issue and I couldn’t find it again.  Anyway, somewhere amongst the suggested videos was this little piece from a film that has been a guilty pleasure of mine since April 1999. […]

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Monday Music 26 – 2017

This week, a little tribute to one of my favourite film composers: Bernard Herrman. Bernard Herrman was born in New York in 1911. His father encouraged his musical talent from a young age, taking him to the opera and buying him a violin. He went on to win his first prize at the age of […]

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Monday Music 24 – 2017

When it comes to Star Trek music, sometimes it’s hard to see past the original theme by Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith’s one and James Horner’s work. I was watching Star Trek Beyond the other night, however, and it struck me what a good job Michael Giacchino had done with creating an original sound for the […]

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Monday Music 22 – 2017

A bit of John Williams this week. Temple of Doom is sometimes looked down on among the films either side of it in the original Indiana Jones trilogy. It has its issues for sure but John Williams’ work on the soundtrack is superb (well, no-one would expect anything different, right?). I love the fusion of […]

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Monday Music 21 – 2017

It’s September and the holidays are over. So, this week I’ve decided to make my Monday Music post a little piece of inspiration for all us teachers going back to school today. This is from the film that first made me consider getting into teaching in the first place. It’s also a film that makes […]

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Monday Music 19 – 2017

I’ve missed a couple of Mondays. This week I’m going with some of composer Angelo Badalamenti’s most moving music. I’ve cried twice watching David Lynch’s work. Both times it was during The Straight Story. It’s a film that doesn’t get a lot of attention amongst Lynch’s other films, perhaps because of its straightforward, biographical narrative. […]

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Monday Music 16 – 2017

Monday’s nearly done and I’m pretty tired. Happy to have finished my Q is for Quest post this evening.  Here’s a nice piece of music from a great film from the first half of the 1990s: Last of the Mohicans. Loved this at the cinema. It’s a great adventure with a strong central relationship at its heart. […]

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Monday Music 12 – 2017

Back to 1974 this week and one of my favourite thrillers of that decade: The Taking of Pelham 123. The film is based on a novel of the same name about a gang of criminals who hijack a New York Subway car and hold the passengers for ransom. Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam and […]

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