The Sparrow – is a TV series coming?

I just learned that one of my favourite books, and one of the inspirations for The Ardenna Crossing, may be being made into a Limited Series by Fox.

The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell, was published in 1996 and won numerous awards including the Arthur C Clarke award and the British Science Fiction Association Award.

Author Mary Doria Russell

FX’s version of the story is being written by Queen’s Gambit showrunner Scott Frank and will apparently be directed by Breaking Bad and Chernobyl‘s Johan Renck. that’s a couple of heavy hitters right there and makes me think that this could be something really special. Better Call Saul‘s Mark Johnson is also on board as producer.

The Sparrow deals with the ethical, philosophical and spiritual issues of humans intermingling with extraterrestrial life but beyond that it looks at the problems in communication that have existed in our own world since the dawn of civilisation. It’s a wonderful story that follows a crew of Jesuit priests and scientists, led by a Puerto Rican linguist, Father Emilio Sandoz, who make first contact with an alien civilization on a Vatican-backed mission to a distant planet called Rakhat. Things go badly wrong in the Jesuits’ quest to prove the existence of God throughout the universe, and the mission ends in disaster and scandal. Father Sandoz, the sole survivor, returns to Earth physically and mentally broken, only to be subjected to an inquisition.

I’m very excited to see how this progresses and I think it’s something to look out for in terms of intelligent science fiction on TV. Really a great story!!

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Sorry to end with a shameful plug, but speaking of science fiction, don’t forget to check out The Ardenna Crossing on Amazon.

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