Live from the Roadhouse

Hi everyone,

My good friend Frank Cronogue has put together a 30th Anniversary podcast for Twin peaks, featuring great insight from guests Ian Buchanan (Dick Tremayne) and Andrea Hayes (Heidi).

I’ve just finished listening and it’s very entertaining. Further to the interview there are also memories shared by other cast members like Lisa Coronado (Hit and Run mother), Stewart Strauss (Woodsman) and Christoph Zajac-Denek (Ike the Spike) and fans of the show. Lindsey Bowden, founder of the Twin Peaks UK Festival is on there and I even have a little cameo talking about my Dad’s dictaphone, which I used to carry around with me after the show finished, documenting my life in musings addressed to Diane. As I say in the podcast, I’d love to recover those tapes and see what 15 year old me was thinking at the time. Alas, I fear they are lost in time.

Here’s the link to the podcast. Frank’s channel is well worth subscribing to as he often has crew and cast members on and is a true gentleman. Hope you enjoy it.


I’m so privileged to be a part of this fan community and seeing how the show, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s work continues to inspire people.



If you’re interested in more of my memories of the show when it was on, you can read about it  by clicking the link below.

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange


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