The Twin Peaks Haiku project – update

I’m nearly two weeks into my haiku project, “What the haiku!”, now and I’m really into it. Each one’s had between 10 and 70 views on YouTube and I’ve had nothing but positive messages and encouragement which has been genuinely heartwarming. I started by thinking that I would record them all in the same place but then I changed my mind, wondering how much fun it would be to record each one slightly differently. Someone commented that they liked the fact they were all in different places and I realised I’d made a rod for my own back. So, I’ve had to be creative with where I do them. I’ve recorded in the car (not while driving), on my bike, in several rooms at home and even one in my office during my break. I’ve had guest stars like the cats and the boy.

Also, it feels good to write some poetry. Haikus are so easy that they just seem to come to me all the time. The videos take literally a minute to record and upload on my phone. I now have a plan! I don’t want this to become some transient idea that I pick up and then drop a month later; I want it to contribute to something. So, I’m planning to attempt to carry on for a year! There will be a Twin Peaks haiku for every day of the year. At the end, maybe I’ll put them all into a book and sell it on Etsy or something. It’s just the germ of an idea right now. I decided to put links to some of my favourites that I’ve done so far so you can have a look. At the moment, only my Twitter crowd know anything about this. The one I’m most proud of so far is the Black lodge, reverse speech edition that I did on Wednesday evening. I had to learn how to speak backwards and then do some video manipulation to make it work. I got a suit on, used a torch, one of Mrs A’s ornaments and an online strobe light on my laptop to complete the effects.

I realise that the content may be inaccessible to any of you who are not fans of the show. It’s a passion of mine though; has been for many years now so excuse me if I indulge it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will check out some more haikus from me. Just look for What the haiku! A Twin Peaks haiku every day.


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